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Facts Showed Fishermen Were Caught Fishes From Jakarta Bay

BP_Jakarta——-Among debris of ex-residents’ houses in Kampung Aquarium, Pasar Ikan, Lined of dry fishes caught by fishermen from around the bay of Jakarta have been seen (April/24/2016). Indeed, many of coastal Jakarta’s residents earn their living from fishing in the sea. Fisherman is certainly a profession that has been handed down by the elders and continues from time to time.

Previously, Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaya Purnama popularly known as Ahok said that there are no fish in Jakarta Bay. Following to that statement, Ahok forced Luar Batang and Pasar Ikan residents to be relocated to some flats. Ahok clearly stated that the fishes in came from Karimata, Belitung and Natuna.

“Since when Teluk Jakarta has fishes? Fishes in Jakarta always come from Karimata, from Belitung, from Natuna! Are you trying to deceive me? I came from an island,” said Ahok in the town hall, when he had been protested by fishermen that showed up whilst also brought down some fishes in the net, in order to make a clear statement that there are fishes in Jakarta Bay.

Facts clearly showed, many people who live in the coast of Jakarta work as a fishermen. If they have to be relocated to some flats, their life burden would be heavier since the distance between the flats and their boat would be quite a distance. (Ridwan)

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